Changing Payments

Rent | HOA Dues | Tuition | Donations | Utilities | Healthcare

Multiple payment channels.
One simple, experience.

Whether it be online, by phone, or in person, RevoPay can streamline and consolidate all payments through a single, easy-to-use platform. Our powerful APIs allow developers to fully control your customer's payment experience. Beyond ePayments, RevoPay consolidates ACH, lockbox and BillPay payments for streamlined, simple reconciliation.


Our integration partners include leading banks, accounting and management platforms, lockbox providers, and paper bill providers who make management and reconciliation of payments simple.

Powerful APIs

Developers of any level can use our simple, powerful APIs to customize the payor experience while also designing reporting to meet the needs of enterprise-sized partners.


Our team of innovators are constantly developing new features—like 1-Click Payments—that make paying bills simple for payors. At the same time, we’re building better tools that make accepting and managing payments better.

Fast Funding

RevoPay offers the fastest funding times in the industry as a standard offering – not at an additional cost. Payments made on Tuesday are available in partner bank accounts on Wednesday.

Intuitive Design

Our beautiful, intuitive platform is the simplest way to make payments from any device. Similarly, our Admin Toolbox offers powerful management functions and reports in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reports provide instant visibility across all payment channels. Transactions sync with accounting software, can be emailed in a variety of formats on your schedule or downloaded from any device.

Adoption & Marketing

Our team of ePayments adoption experts works with you to maximize utilization of our platform and reduce the number of incoming paper checks. Through fun campaigns and incentives, we make paying bills fun and rewarding.


RevoPay takes the security of personal information seriously. Our platform meets the highest information security standard levels and maintains the strictest compliance with card industry rules.

Superior Support

Our award-winning support team offers phone, email and live chat support to administrators and payors. Committed to full transparency, we provide clients with access to all support tickets and resolution status in real-time.

More than 5,000 partners trust RevoPay everyday.