RevoPay Provides Property Managers with Single Solution to Accept and Manage All Electronic Payments

Venice, CA (July 16, 2018) – RevoPay, a leading developer of payments software for the property management industry, is now offering clients the ability to accept face-to-face payments using their mobile devices. The new eTerminal Swiper feature integrates with the RevoPay system so that all payments are recorded and reconciled through a single platform.

“We found that many of our clients currently had two solutions for payments online and face-to-face payments which created accounting headaches,” said Mike Corbera, CEO of RevoPay. “By integrating card swipers that attach to mobile phones, our clients can now eliminate the hassles of working with two different platforms and multiple payment reports.”

The new eTerminal Swiper feature was introduced to beta clients in the second quarter of 2018 and now is being used by several clients across the US. Clients can use any card reader of their choice to capture payment data directly through RevoPay’s eTerminal. Payments approved using the card reader then appear in the Administrator Dashboard along with other payments in real time.

About RevoPay
Headquartered in Venice Beach, CA, RevoPay is an award-winning developer of industry-focused, comprehensive ePayments software platforms serving the property management, business invoicing, education, non-profit, healthcare and municipality markets. RevoPay’s goal is to eliminate manual processing and make electronic payments simple and powerful – resulting in lower operating expenses and faster cash flow for customers. Learn more about RevoPay at