Revo Payments Introduces New Brand Name: RevoPay

Revo Payments, a leader in industry-specific ePayments solutions, today announced an exciting new phase: the company has re-branded as RevoPay. The new brand name and brand logo speaks to the company’s successful 12-year history in the payments space as well as an exciting future.

Beginning as an award-winning card processor in 2003 and then expanding in 2009 to focus on developing industry-specific, comprehensive ePayments software for emerging markets, RevoPay has seen exponential growth. As a valuable ePayments partner for thousands of clients nationwide, the company has always been on the leading edge of continued change and innovation in payments.

“With a focus on continuing to offer simple and beautiful ePayments solutions while pushing the limits of technology and innovation, we are proud to introduce our new corporate brand which speaks to our successful past and our exciting future,” said Mike Corbera, CEO of RevoPay.

RevoPay’s flagship platform offers cloud-based ePayments tools that match the business needs of the property, academic, healthcare and utility industries. In addition to simple and secure processing of electronic payments, the industry-specific versions also cater to the unique reporting and reconciliation needs that are vital to businesses in RevoPay’s target industries.

“Adding ‘Pay’ to our brand name is significant,” added Corbera. “We are changing the way people pay the most important bills of their lives. We enable the businesses they pay to simply and securely accept those payments and reconcile them. We will continue to innovate and create simple and secure methods to pay that cater to both businesses and payors.”

About RevoPay

Headquartered in Venice, CA, RevoPay has been a leader in the payments space — beginning as an award-winning card processor and evolving to an industry-focused, comprehensive ePayments software platform serving the property management, business invoicing, education, non-profit, healthcare and municipality markets. RevoPay’s goal is to eliminate manual processing and make electronic payments simple and powerful – resulting in lower operating expenses and faster cash flow for customers. Learn more about RevoPay at